AAA: New Jersey drivers can give thanks for lower gas prices

Posted: December 31st, 1969

Florham Park, N.J., November 13, 2018 — The average price for a gallon of regular gas in New Jersey dropped six cents from last week to $2.68 ($2.74). Today’s average price is 21 cents cheaper than a month ago ($2.89), but only nine cents higher than November 13, 2017 ($2.59).

AAA Northeast’s November 13th survey of fuel prices found the current national average to be $2.68, down seven cents from last week ($2.75). The national average price today is 22 cents cheaper than a month ago ($2.90), but only 12 cents higher than this same day last year ($2.56).

“Prices could plunge even lower, especially if we see a surge in gasoline production after refiners fully restart units from the fall maintenance season,” said Robert Sinclair Jr., Manager of Media Relations for AAA Northeast. “Also driving down pump prices is the fact that crude oil is selling under $65 per barrel – a rare sight this year.”

Gas prices are trending downward around the region as well, with the average price below $3/gallon in Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania. Connecticut drivers are paying an average of $2.91, down four cents from last week ($2.95). The average price in New York is $2.90, down three cents from last week ($2.93), and $2.86 in Pennsylvania, down six cents from one week ago ($2.93). Connecticut is 10th most expensive state to buy gas. New York is 12th, Pennsylvania is 15th and New Jersey is 23rd.


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 *Current prices reflect November 13, 2018.

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